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Importing a classic car from the USA to UK

If you are simply looking for the cost of shipping a car to the UK from the USA, try our instant quote system here which works for any make / model and from any zipcode / US address In this article we will price up a car from the USA to purchase, ship to the […]

Shipping a Car to UK to Sell

Here at ShipMyCar we assist a number of clients throughout the year to ship a car / vehicle into the UK that they are looking to either sell immediately or to keep as an investment. There are a few cars that at the time of writing (March 2014), seem to be doing very well ┬áin […]

Avoiding car shipping scams

The majority of our clients have purchased cars abroad without even seeing them first, this may sound crazy and high-risk, but if simple procedures are followed it really is no different to buying a car here in the UK. Sellers can be checked out and vehicle history can be checked out to avoid being put […]

Shipping Irish Car to UK and Registration

If you are thinking of moving to the UK from Ireland and are looking at shipping your car with you to have it re-registered here you will need to have the car conform with UK requirements in order for the DVLA to assign a number plate. First you will need to obtain a Certificate of […]

Corvette C6 IVA UK Lights

Shipping a Corvette C6 to the UK? When it comes to the IVA modifications for the lights, ShipMyCar engineers have pioneered a method of ustilising Ultra Intensity LED bulbs to shine through existing lens clusters.

MOT for pre-1960 classic cars

Shipping a car to the UK that was manufactured prior to 1st January 1960? Well, the DVLA now have decided that your vehicle will be exempt from MOT testing – including the first MOT on arrival in the UK. This means you can ship a pre-1960 vehicle into the UK and register it (once you have cleared customs and insured the vehicle) with out having to put the car through an MOT first.

US Classic Car Shipping

At ShipMyCar we ship rare classic and prestige cars back every day and have the following advise regarding classic car shipping

Car Shipping Quote

We have been developing our car shipping quote system for a number of years now and have built up a huge database of costs for: Collection transport costs, Export charges, Customs and loading fees, sea shipping, air freight, unloading fees, marine insurance, road transport, IVA, MOT, SVA and DVLA costs.

BTI Scheme for +30yr imports

If you are importing a vehicle into the UK which is over thirty years old then you may benefit from the BTI / 9705 Scheme for import duty relief for Historic Vehicles. Car shipping experts explain in more details