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Twin Turbo Aventador

Underground Racing unveils the FIRST Twin Turbo Lamborghi Aventador LP700-4

Known for their in-house engineered twin-turbo engine kits, North Carolina based tuner, Underground Racing, has announced they have completed development of the first twin-turbo Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.

Underground Racing began development as soon as the Aventador was released and admits that Lamborghini, in an attempt to preserve product integrity, went out of its way to make third-party engine tuning difficult. But Underground Racing managed to work around them, however, not without some compromises.

Underground Racing emphasizes that for the time being, they will only sell an Aventador twin-turbo kit as a complete engine rebuild. In a statement Underground Racing says, “For now, the UR TT Aventadors will only be released with FULL engine builds. Through our research, we have found certain conditions that make this a requirement.”

Now with the demonstration model complete, initial testing rendered some stagering numbers. While using OEM street tires on a regular road and with normal air pressure, the twin-turbo Aventador sprinted from 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds. Although not certified, Underground Racing estimates horsepower (measured at the wheel) to be approximately 1200hp. To help achieve that time Underground Racing also improved the shifting speed with their Quickshift upgrade.

Underground Racing wants to keep to the details of their twin-turbo system to themselves, but the next step is to push the limits of the twin-turbo Aventador. Underground Racing promises to release more videos of the Aventador, so stay tuned.

Lamborghini Aventador Shipping

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