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Importing a classic car from the USA to UK

If you are simply looking for the cost of shipping a car to the UK from the USA, try our instant quote system here which works for any make / model and from any zipcode / US address In this article we will price up a car from the USA to purchase, ship to the […]

Equus Bass 770 Mustang UK

Muscle car legacy elevated to a new climax of blazing luxury and driving pleasure. Feel the thrill behind the wheel and be transported into the privileged universe of an exceptional GT that redefines coolness. Back of the aluminium Supercharged 640 HP V8 engine, you’ll rev up to a truly modern motoring experience and enjoy the […]

2012 Boss 302 Mustang Test

Road and Track test drive the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca – ShipMyCar are able to import any 2012 Mustang into the UK including car shipping, marine insurance, unloading, customs, all transport, IVA testing and DVLA registration

1968 Steve McQueen Mustang

Gateway Classic Mustangs release the 1968 Steve McQueen Signature Mustang – an awesome blend of modern and classic Mustang. ShipMyCar provide a full import service to the UK for any Mustang, new or old.

2012 Mustang Boss 302S Video

Ford Racing release video footage of the new 440bhp Boss 302S Mustang. ShipMyCar provide a full import package for the 302S Mustang so you can enjoy driving it here in the UK

Classic Mustang UK

Importing a Mustang to the UK, contact ShipMyCar for all your car shipping needs

Polish Mustang Club

Polish Mustang Club create an incredible video of Mustangs called Mustang Race 2011 – watch it here!