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MOT Failures and Shipping a pre-1960 Car

At ShipMyCar we offer an all inclusive car shipping package which allows you to purchase a car from say the USA, Dubai, etc and have us handle the entire process from collection at seller’s address all the way through to UK testing and registration. Since the UK government decided to relax the rules on cars […]

MOT for pre-1960 classic cars

Shipping a car to the UK that was manufactured prior to 1st January 1960? Well, the DVLA now have decided that your vehicle will be exempt from MOT testing – including the first MOT on arrival in the UK. This means you can ship a pre-1960 vehicle into the UK and register it (once you have cleared customs and insured the vehicle) with out having to put the car through an MOT first.

IVA Light Module?

The clever engineers at ShipMyCar have created a Light Control Unit (LCU) which is a universal control box to safely power the lighting modifications needed for IVA / SVA / MOT testing requirements here in the UK