UK Car Import

Importing a car into the UK can be a complex task with many different options to consider. We make the process very straightforward, handling everything for you.

Our involvement with importing your car can be from our full service import package, where you receive your car ready to drive on UK roads, to simply just carrying out import clearance / registration on a car you have already imported.

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We have developed our instant quote system to provide you with instant costs for your car import requirements from shipping, to taxes and UK registration costs. Feel free to try it below and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Import My Car

The first hurdle when importing a car into the UK is clearing your vehicle into UK customs, this must be carried out by a nominated agent like us at Ship My Car.

There are many different rules as to whether or not you will pay any taxes, or the level of taxes levied on the import. A full guide and duty calculator can we found here

Depending on how you vehicle is shipped will determine the method used to unload your vehicle. If travelling by RoRo then it will simply be driven off the vessel.

For containers we can unload your vehicle in-house here in Milton Keynes. We would collect your container from the quayside an transport our fully equipped depot to unload either 20ft, 40ft or 45ft containers, more information can be found here: Container Devanning

Car Shipping and Import UK, USA, Dubai, Australia

The age of the vehicle and where it is being imported from will determine what modifications / testing are required.

If the car is currently registered in the EU then we need to obtain Mutual Recognition through the VCA. This involves modifying the car to UK specification – usually new headlights, fog light moved to right hand side and MPH dash fascia

Next you need to register the car with the DVLA. We have an account manager there who can turn around applications faster than a private individual application.

Level of road tax due depends on whether it the car has a Certificate of Conformity (then it is based on emissions) or not (classed as private light goods vehicle so a fixed annual charge)

We have been importing cars into the UK since 2006, we are experienced and dedicated to ensuring we import your vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.

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