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Shipping Irish Car to UK and Registration

If you are thinking of moving to the UK from Ireland and are looking at shipping your car with you to have it re-registered here you will need to have the car conform with UK requirements in order for the DVLA to assign a number plate. First you will need to obtain a Certificate of […]

Car Shipping News

Car Shipping industry news from the UK’s leading car shipping expert, Shipmycar

US Classic Car Shipping

At ShipMyCar we ship rare classic and prestige cars back every day and have the following advise regarding classic car shipping

Classic Car Shipping

Shipping a classic car should only be carried out by specialists such as ourselves here at ShipMyCar.

Car Shipping Quote

We have been developing our car shipping quote system for a number of years now and have built up a huge database of costs for: Collection transport costs, Export charges, Customs and loading fees, sea shipping, air freight, unloading fees, marine insurance, road transport, IVA, MOT, SVA and DVLA costs.

Car Shipping

Car Shipping discussed by Car Shipping experts,

American Car Imports into UK

ShipMyCar are the UK’s leading full service importer of American Cars to the UK. Our container shipping rates start at just £595 from New York

Polish Mustang Club

Polish Mustang Club create an incredible video of Mustangs called Mustang Race 2011 – watch it here!

Solar Powered Roads

Car shipping specialists ShipMyCar discuss the possibility of solar powered roads