Container Devanning

We have full container devanning also known as container destuffing or unloading facilities here in Milton Keynes including UK customs clearance and NOVA service.

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Tax / Duty Calculator

Get an instant estimate of any tax / duty applicable for your car import plus:

  • Transfer of Residence (ToR)
  • Classic 5% import VAT
  • EU / non-EU imports
  • HMRC Entry Fees
  • HMRC NOVA entry

At our Milton Keynes facility we can handle 20ft / 40ft / 45ft containers and R-Rak packed containers

We can handle collection from quayside, devan and customs clearance for you or your clients.

Benefit from easier to reach collection with Milton Keynes thanks to excellent rail, air and road links

As a shipper you will be looking for a UK supplier to handle your container devanning / unloading who will reflect well on your organisation.

We at ShipMyCar ensure that we represent your company to the highest standards of customer service. Each of your clients is given a client portal to login and view required documents for UK customs so everything is ready to unload the container without delay.