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Corvette C6 IVA UK Lights

Shipping a Corvette C6 to the UK? When it comes to the IVA modifications for the lights, ShipMyCar engineers have pioneered a method of ustilising Ultra Intensity LED bulbs to shine through existing lens clusters.

Shipping a BMW Z8

Importing a BMW Z8 into the UK can be very difficult due to the availability of European Rear Lights, luckily, ShipMyCar provide an alternative and can also help with shipping your new car to the UK….

IVA Light Module?

The clever engineers at ShipMyCar have created a Light Control Unit (LCU) which is a universal control box to safely power the lighting modifications needed for IVA / SVA / MOT testing requirements here in the UK

Invisible IVA modifications

Thanks to advances in LED technology we can now offer ‘Invisible IVA’ modifications on most vehicles requiring IVA testing.