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Shipping a Car from UK to USA

The UK is a great place to source a car, we are a nation of petrolheads and with an annual safety inspection (MOT) being a legal requirement, it means there are some very well maintained examples to be had. There are also a lot of great places to find the perfect car, with lots of…… Continue reading Shipping a Car from UK to USA

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Chapter Ten – Containers

Containers “While the UK is on lockdown from Coronavirus measures, I thought I would take a look back through the history of our company. I hope all of our clients, staff, friends and families are well and stay safe during these difficult times” Nick Roach – Company Director Being based in Milton Keynes and almost…… Continue reading Chapter Ten – Containers

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Shipping

As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread outside of China we are starting to see an impact in areas of car shipping directly affecting our clients. The logistics industry as a whole is suffering a major impact from the Coronavirus which will take some time before everything is back on track. Supply chains and lead…… Continue reading Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Shipping

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Exporting from the UK

With the current strength of the UK pound sterling, now is a great time to purchase vehicles from the UK and ship them out to you We can provide collection services from anywhere in the UK and handle all export procedures on your behalf without you needing to be in the UK.