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Shipping Irish Car to UK and Registration

plateIf you are thinking of moving to the UK from Ireland and are looking at shipping your car with you to have it re-registered here you will need to have the car conform with UK requirements in order for the DVLA to assign a number plate.

First you will need to obtain a Certificate of Conformity from the Manufacturer of your vehicle, this is usually fairly straightforward and involves making a call to the appropriate head office e.g. VW, Mercedes etc and asking them to send one to you.

This document will (usually not in English, so use Google Translate!) explain what needs to be changed to allow the car to be driven on the left hand side of the road and usually lists the speedo needing to show mph rather than kilometres and often the foglight needing to be switched onto the other side, if the car was not originally for left hand driving, headlights may need to be changed to ensure the beam pattern suits left hand side of the road driving

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Once you know what needs changing, the best thing to do is to get your car to us at ShipMyCar where our engineers can carry out all the changes for you. Rather than changing the entire speedo we simply fit fascia plates which look completely factory fit but work out significantly cheaper. We can carry out all headlight changes or rewiring needed, often while you wait. We can even MOT the vehicle which will be required if the car is over three years old.

As soon as the changes have been made we can provide you with a statement to prove so, this will then need to be sent to the VCA in order for them to issue a Mutual Recognition Certificate – you then simply apply with the DVLA to register the car by filling in the appropriate form, providing them with the MOT, insurance and mutual recognition certificate

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