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The latest Dallas Auction managed in excess of $31million worth of sales, some of the biggest sellers were:

1938 Lincoln K Semi-Collapsible Cabriolet ($152,500) and a 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertible, which achieved the same price.

The following three days maintained a sale rate of 70%, with the top price of $285,000 going to a 1967 427cu in Chevrolet Corvette HP convertible (pictured)

How to ship a classic car back to the UK

So if you are one of the lucky bidders you will be more than likely wanting to get the car back to the UK as quickly and safely as possible. At ShipMyCar we ship rare classic and prestige marques back every day and have the following advise regarding classic car shipping

  • Ensure your classic car is collected by enclosed transport which has the facility for low loading so the front bumper does not catch
  • At port use specialist loading teams to load your car into your own 20ft container
  • Container? Yes, never ship a rare classic by Roll-on-Roll-off, if you do, it would be driven from the port to the ship and then is open to the elements and ship workers. We can organise a sealed, weatherproof container to house just your car for the journey, this is sealed in our US warehouses and unloaded in one of our customs bonded warehouses here in the UK. All of our staff are specialised in vehicle shipping. Consolidated/shared containers mean your car would be shared with one or two other cars, if you choose this make sure there are no other goods in the container which could fall on your car
  • UK Customs Clearance – any vehicle over thirty years old should not pay any duty and just 5% VAT
  • MOT modifications – we ensure any modifications carried out do not alter the look of the original car in any visible way

You can obtain an instant quote for any classic car shipping for any USA collection address at our website Classic Car Shipping