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We are the UK’s leading full service importer of vehicles into the UK and have a long history of importing American cars to the UK.

Since 2006 we have assisted thousands of people to import a US car into the UK including the shipping, testing and registration processes

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Having handled the import of so many US imported vehicles, we are experts in the required conversion process, the testing procedures with the DVSA and the quickest way to register your American import with the DVLA.

Instant Quotes

Instant Quote

Get an instant quote including car shipping / testing / taxes and more

Shipping Calculator

Get a full breakdown of all costs involved for your car shipping needs in less than a minute:

  • Transport to port
  • Car Shipping costs
  • Marine Insurance
  • UK Customs
  • UK Testing (IVA / MOT)
  • DVLA Registration

We offer a very unique and powerful instant quote system, valid for all makes/models of American cars and it works from any US address / zip code. You will be given an instant and full breakdown of all the costs involved in importing your car into the UK including IVA, MOT and DVLA.