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Polish Mustang Club

We were recently very grateful to be sent this video from a customer of ours who we shipped a beautiful Shelby GT500 in orange back to the UK for them.

This is a great way to check out some truly fantastic cars, and of course the Mustang Club’s amazing video talent! It’s astonishing to see how much they can accomplish in such a short time, and the video is riveting for those who love watching a Mustang in action.

If you’ve not seen the video yet, then this won’t take up much of your time – you can get right back to filling out your car breakdown cover forms or playing Gran Turismo in a few minutes. Then again, you might just spend the evening watching it over and over and tweeting about it, so you never know! So kick back, put the lights off, and watch the Polish Mustang Club’s best ever video production.

Mustang Race 2011 - Polish Mustang Club
Mustang Race 2011 - Polish Mustang Club

For more information on the Polish Mustang Club please Click here

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