Car Shipping

Shipping a vehicle internationally can be an incredibly complex procedure with many different organisations, rules and costs involved it is easy to get completely lost in the process!

Luckily we at ShipMyCar are experts in all aspects of shipping your car around the world and make the process for you as simple as moving it between UK cities with often just a few forms for you to complete. We handle the rest.

Whether you are simply wondering what it would take to ship a car or whether you have already shipped it and need assistance with testing / registration we are able to provide information and usually an instant quote online.

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    You may just want to jump straight in and use our unique online calculator to price up your requirements for either shipping costs, customs calculators, IVA modifications, MOT / IVA testing or DVLA Registration. Try it completely free of charge and with no obligation - Get a quote here

  • Car Shipping Methods

    Read our different guides on all the methods of shipping your car from RoRo, container or air freight - Read more here

  • UK Car Import

    Read information on importing a vehicle into the UK including shipping quotes, unloading, customs, testing and registration requirements - UK Car Import Guides

  • UK Car Export

    Thinking of exporting a car from the UK? Rear about our container loading service, car shipping routes we offer and more - UK Car Export Guides