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Car Shipping News

Here at ShipMyCar we ship thousands of cars around the globe every year, specialising in the full service import of cars into the UK. Other car shipping companies may just ship your car to the nearest port, but this is just the easy part! Having your car clear of customs, tested and registered can be a difficult process to go through alone, luckily for you, we offer an all inclusive car shipping package that means we do not just ship your car but we also ensure it is delivered ready to drive

Being the UK’s leading full service importer of cars into the UK we like to keep on top of all the latest car shipping industry news and practices and here are some of the latest car shipping items of interest:

Car Shipping and Exchange Rates

Our main market for car shipping is importing cars from the USA, and with the current exchange rates at around the 1.3$/£ this can affect the cost of shipping your car internationally in terms of the purchase price of the vehicle, shipping charges and customs costs. How can we help? Well firstly our shipping rates are at the lowest they have been for a while, we ship so many cars we manage to keep container rates as low as we can for our clients. We also provide assistance with paying for your car prior to shipping through our sister company ensuring you obtain the best possible rate for your purchase, much better than at a bank. SMCfx can also facilitate a much faster payment to the USA from the UK.

Car Shipping and UK testing

The IVA test remains a very tricky test to get many modern import through successfully as a private individual. The wiring on modern cars is becoming more and more complex and the utilisation of LED lights makes modifications very difficult. Luckily we have a near-on 100% pass rate with VOSA and have developed in-house techniques to use existing LED circuits and painstakingly replace individual circuit board mounted LED’s. We call this our Invisible IVA package as the car is converted for UK use, without changing the original look of the vehicle. Take this 2013 Shelby GT500 for example – all the lovely rear lights still light up, but the indicators flash separate to the brakes and are amber.

Car Shipping Quote Deals

As you probably know we have developed a sophisticated instant quote system for car shipping over the years which can instantly provide you with all the information you need to make car shipping a very simple process. We have decided to have a monthly special offer for anybody shipping their car and using our fully inclusive car shipping package.