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Classic Car Shipping

Shipping a classic car should only be carried out by specialists such as ourselves here at ShipMyCar. Sourcing spares or performing repairs on rare classics can be expensive and take time, therefore you need a shipping company that will ensure your vehicle arrives safely and in one piece.

Classic Car Shipping

All of our shipping agents and loading teams we employ are experienced with moving vehicles and are passionate about motoring, we ship by container to ensure your vehicle is locked away from the elements as early as possible and are unloaded in secure customs bonded warehouses.

If you are using us for our full service import into the UK we will ensure only the minimum modifications for MOT are carried out to avoid changing the original look of the car in anyway

We ensure any vehicle over 30 years old where applicable will not pay any import duty and just 5% VAT, we also ensure that you pay no road tax

To get an instant quote for your classic car shipping requirements please visit and use our unique quote system to calculate: International transport to port, shipping, marine insurance, customs, unloading & loading, testing and registration. We are working on a Classic Car Shipping Guide – this will be online soon