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Classic Mustang UK

At ShipMyCar we are constantly shipping back classic vehicles from Buicks to Bugattis and know the importance of making sure any modifications carried out for MOT are done to high standards and ensuring that the original look of the car is kept intact

The Mustang has to be one of our favourite classics and we have shipped many of them from completely standard vehicles to fully rebuild dragsters

Classic Mustang UK
Classic Mustang UK

Due to new rulings we can now often get >30 year old Mustangs in through customs with zero duty and just 5% VAT – the car must be completely unmodified from standard, be of reasonable value and of course be over thirty years of age. It is worth contacting us to help complete your BTI forms for HMRC application.

On arriving in the UK we provide full MOT and DVLA registration services.

Classic MustangShelby Mustang