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Mustang UK Buyers Guide

Still the most popular vehicle we are importing is the Ford Mustang, which turns heads wherever it goes in the UK, so what is owning one over here like and what should you look out for when buying one?

Import or buy local?

We would always suggest looking to the USA first when sourcing your Mustang, there are many reasons to do this on top of the cost savings you can make. Firstly, there is so much more choice! Dealers in the US are ten times the size of your local Ford dealer, some you have to be driven round in a golf caddy just to view the cars. They usually have every single combination of colour and spec you can think of and we have not yet found an unhelpful Ford dealer who is not willing to spend time finding you the exact vehicle you want. The cars are generally in excellent condition if purchased from a dry state such as Florida or over in California, so if you are looking for a show condition car you can get hold of excellent rust free examples and protect them as soon as they get over here with paintwork protection and undersealing.

Importing one yourself can be daunting, luckily there are companies like ShipMyCar who offer a door to door package which generally works out the same price as you doing it yourself but without any headaches, hidden costs, electrical wiring issues, government agency dealings and more…. ShipMyCar even offer an instant quote facility which is a great help to price up your import as it is free to use and you can use it as many times as you like for any make/model of American car.

If you do decide to buy one in the UK, the very first thing you should do is take it to an IVA specialist such as ShipMyCar – they will be able to check over the SVA/IVA modifications carried out on the car to ensure:

  • No dangerous wiring creating a fire hazard
  • No obscure ways used to generate resistance to fool the cars ECU such as hidden bulbs in the spare wheel compartment
  • Check over wiring connections and methods used to join wires
  • If relays used for extra lights check that they have adequate back EMF protection by using diodes
  • Ensure brake switch still sending signal to vehicles ECU if modifications have cut into this
  • Ensure cruise control still operates correctly and IVA modifications have been carried out without affecting the cruise control operation and auto-off function
  • Ensure method of adding lights has been done in a way that will not cause condensation to build up within existing light clusters and any extra drilling holes have been adequatly sealed from the weather and heat
  • Ensure any wiring passing near to hot areas is suitable sheathed and protected
  • Check wiring is secured around foot pedal area and no wires are likely to fall and tangle in wiring areas
  • Carry out electrical testing on all bulbs to ensure no extra load will be placed on ECU or SJB causing future expensive repairs

Companies like ShipMyCar, based in Milton Keynes will also be able to advise on any upgrades or improvements to make driving in the UK a more pleasant experience in your new stang

Owning a Mustang in the UK

Mustang ownership in the UK is so much fun, no car on the market gives you that level of uniqueness, power, rear wheel drive fun, engine noise, great looks, comfort and spec than a Mustang GT for the same price. You will be part of a club which has a very active membership throughout the UK. There are many forums online where you can get great advice on all aspects of Mustang ownership with the best we have found being:

  • – Mustang Owners Club of GB, a more official feeling club with emphasis on meets and club events, again a fantastic resource for Mustangs

The 2010+ Modifications and LED wing mirrors

S550 Mustang Modifications

Driving LHD in the UK

Driving left hand drive in the UK is never a real issue – people say it is hard to overtake, but this generally is not the case as long as you hold back enough from the car in front and then use the big V8 grunt to zoom past easily and effortlessly once the path is safe and clear to do so. The only place you may find an issue is at the local drive-thru, but you will soon find the best way is to sit inside and watch people admiring your car in the car park while you eat your food!

Petrol costs of a Mustang

Everyone always says how expensive it must be to run a Mustang and sure, it is not as cheap as say a Toyota Aygo or a diesel Ford Fiesta, but when comparing like for like, with say a V8 BMW M3 you geniunly will not find any difference at all. In fact I have owned Subaru Imprezas and Mazda RX8s which I found much more juicy day to day than the Mustang. Especially cruising at 60-70mph, the big V8 is hardly struggled and getting 25mpg is not difficult.

Running costs of a Mustang

Amazingly cheap. That’s all we need to say really! Specialists such as will service your car for around £150 – they are not advanced engines and really do not require the utmost of specialist care to keep them in good conditon. Spares are abundant in the UK and very reasonably priced. Road tax is currently still under £200 per year (imports are classed as PLG and based on the old taxation class, not based on emissions). The only cost I found was the constant addiction to buying upgrades from ImportMyVehicle 🙂

What is a Mustang like to drive

So much fun, you will never get tired of that big V8 noise and the attention these cars receive – attention is always positive and you often feel something of a celebrity when people take pictures and stop you to chat. We would advise looking into Roush suspension upgrades for the UK, this certainly makes the car more UK road friendly with going round roundabouts and country road sprints made more suitable for the Stang. Mustang GTs are not actually as heavy as people make out, yes they weigh 1500kgs but compare that with a BMW M3 or Audi RS4 – no difference there…
If you are worried about driving LHD opt for the automatic, a lovely smooth gearbox and makes getting used to driving LHD that bit easier.

We hope you have found this Mustang Buyers Guide useful, should you require any further information please contact the specialists such as ShipMyCar

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