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1968 Steve McQueen Mustang

The Bullitt Mustang featured in two generations of special edition Mustangs – the lastest on the S197 incarnation of the Mustang was a fantastic car and very popular here in the UK – we shipped many of the green Stangs to the UK for lucky customers across the country.

1968 Steve McQueen Signature Mustang
1968 Steve McQueen Signature Mustang

Gateway Classic Mustangs are a high end manufacturer of high performance vintage Mustangs and their latest offering is the ’68 Steve McQueen Mustang, the same from the movie. The difference with this one though is they are using the awesome Roush crate engine with a 5 speed manual to push output to 450bhp

1968 Gateway Classic Mustang
1968 Gateway Classic Mustang

The car has also been built with modern suspension using coil overs – the brakes are from Baer and the car also comes with a hydraulic clutch. To complete the modern luxury the car also comes with air conditioning and an MP3 based sound system.

Shipping a Gateway Classic Mustang to the UK

If you are lucky enough to purchase one of Gateway Classic Mustang’s fantastic vehicles you will have no problem bringing it to the UK using us at ShipMyCar – we can collect the car for you, ship it to the UK in a container and fully insured, unload it, clear it through UK customs and bring it to our workshop ready for MOT and DVLA registration.

Will a Gateway Classic Mustang need an IVA test here in the UK?

No, as the vehicle starts life using an original ’67 or ’68 Ford body, the vehicle will be titled to 1967/1968 meaning it will be over ten years old for IVA requirements and making importing one all that cheaper

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