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eBay ’69 Mustang Boss

The seller of this 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 bought it from its original Akron, Ohio owner who racked up a scant 4,405 miles before offloading it back in the day. It’s been garage-kept all its life, and still sports its original, terrifying bias-ply tires. According to the seller, this particular Boss 429 is fitted with the coveted ‘S’ engine, a feature only available on the first 279 Boss 429s produced.

1969 Boss 429
1969 Boss 429

The current owner says he bought the car in excellent shape in 2007 and had it professionally cleaned and re-awoke the engine after a long slumber. Since then, the car has been pampered and its astonishing mileage preserved.

Despite its low mileage, the Boss participated in, and won, a couple bracket races when new. The quarter windows still carry the winner’s stickers. The price for this all-original time capsule is enough to make even the most-hardcore Mustang fan gulp. Buy-It-Now is set at an astounding $550,000

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