Exchange Rate great for shipping cars

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Great news if you are looking into the possibility of purchasing a car in the USA and shipping to UK – the exchange rate is now above 1.7$/£ meaning you get some big savings on the purchase price of the vehicle, currently the exchange rate is at 1.7144$/£! Employment and manufacturing figures were better than […]

Mobile Car Shipping Calculator

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We have recently upgraded our website here at Ship My Car to ensure your experience is the same no matter what device you are visiting us on. Shipping a car can be both a stressful and time critical procedure and we invest a lot of time and money on ensuring we can serve you as […]

Are you suffering from Didn’t-use-shipmycar-itis?

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The ShipMyCar Doctor often has to deal with patients suffering from Didn’t-use-shipmycar-itis. We are always willing to help treat such cases but they can be time consuming and/or expensive to mend. The causes of this terrible condition are usually the same with the ShipMyCar doctor hearing: “but ShipMyCar seemed too expensive so I went with […]