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2020 Chevrolet C8 UK

The new 2020 Chevrolet C8 is an all-new mid-engine supercar.

Even the base model C8 is going to be as fast as the current C7 ZR1 with 0-60 times expected to be under three seconds.

The C8 is not an improved C7 however, in fact it only carries over one single part from the previous model.

While there will be a UK right hand drive model it can still be advantageous to import one to the UK from the USA if the spec is not available or you expect to drive onto the continent.

The engine is an all-new build known as the LT2 and is now visible through the rear hatch window

The roof is fully retractable and hardtop which only ends up weighing 77lbs more than the coupe version.

The quality and finish of the interior from the images looks to be of exceptional quality

We are very excited to see what the interior looks like in the flesh, with the wrap-around driver’s panel catching our eye immediately

The 1LT has a starting price of $59,999 with the 3LT rising to $71,945

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