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New RoRo Route from UK to USA

Due to the current climate and the high cost of container shipping, we offer roll-on-roll-off car shipping from the UK to the USA.

RoRo Car Shipping Quote

RoRo stands for roll-on-roll-off shipping. Instead of your car / vehicle being loaded in a container, it is instead loaded onto a giant car ferry. Vehicles are loaded inside and strapped to the deck so they are very safe during transit.

Our unique shipping calculator has been updated to allow you to instantly obtain a quote for our RoRo routes:

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Get an instant quote including car shipping / testing / taxes and more

Shipping Calculator

Get a full breakdown of all costs involved for your car shipping needs in less than a minute:

  • Transport to port
  • Car Shipping costs
  • Marine Insurance
  • UK Import Costs
  • UK Testing (IVA / MOT)
  • DVLA Registration

Why Choose RoRo?

Container prices globally are currently higher than we have ever seen them, this is due to a number of factors that have affected the global supply chain in the last couple of years.

If you are shipping smaller goods, this increase can be spread over a number of products in a container, so the effect is not as large as shipping 1-4 cars in a container and having to spread the extra cost over fewer items.

RoRo avoids these high surcharges for vehicle shipping, is safe for your vehicle and the costs of unloading at the destination are significantly less

UK to USA RoRo Car Shipping

We now offer shipment from Southampton, UK to New York, Savannah, Galveston (Texas) and Port Hueneme (California). Our shipping calculator can calculate everything from collection from your door in the UK through loading, marine insurance and RoRo shipping costs.

Our quotes do not include US arrival charges but with RoRo these are usually only a few hundred dollars and we can put you in touch with our excellent US agent to help you with this.

roro car shipping from uk to usa

Shipping Cars to the USA

When considering which cars to ship to the USA, the first rule is that they must be either a previously US registered vehicle, or be over 25 years old. This is to comply with the strict entry requirements to the USA that the EPA impose.

As UK classics are generally reliable we see a lot of classic Land Rovers, Minis and Jaguars beng shipped recently, along with some of the 80’s classics such a Escort Cosworth, Sierra Cosworths, Lotus etc


Well with compromises always comes a slight limitation and with RoRo there are two points to consider, the first is that you can not load any personal effects / spares within the vehicle and we can hold no liability for anything at all shipped within your vehicle.

Second, the vehicle must be a reliable runner, so not suitable for project cars or some classics. Speak with a member of our team if you have any questions regarding this