IVA Light Module?

The clever engineers at ShipMyCar have created a Light Control Unit (LCU) which is a universal control box to safely power the lighting modifications needed for IVA / SVA / MOT testing requirements here in the UK

, IVA Light Module?
IVA Light Control Module

The new control module works in modern canbus powered vehicles and provides safe connection for the additional lights required e.g. Rear Fog Light, Reversing Light, Side Repeater Indicators…

IVA, SVA and MOT requirements in the UK require imported vehicles to have an ‘e’ marked rear fog light, side repeater indicators, and amber indicators which are separate to the brake lights – wiring these incorrectly can damage the cars ECU / Smart Junction Box – a common problem in Camaro’s, Corvettes and Mustangs Shipped to the UK

We strongly advise against carrying out IVA modifications yourself – our engineers are trained in IVA modification requirements on all makes/models of vehicles.

, IVA Light Module?
ShipMyCar Smart Control Box

The ShipMyCar LCU incorporates sensitive relays with diode protection and easy to reach fuses to protect the circuits and your vehicle.

Should you require any information on car shipping or the IVA modifications required to ship a car to the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us