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Invisible IVA modifications

Thanks to advances in LED technology we can now offer ‘Invisible IVA’ modifications on most vehicles requiring IVA testing.

As petrol heads we understand that the worst thing about bringing a car back to the UK is the modifications for the IVA test – lights bolted on, holes drilled, horrible looking extra lights cut into bumpers etc etc

At ShipMyCar we always make our IVA modifications not only as safe on the vehicles delicate components as possible but also with as few modifications to the original look as we can manage and now we can go a huge step further….

Believe it or not, this Camaro has amber indicators and has passed a UK IVA test. Much nicer than those aftermarket clear lenses…..

What are invisible IVA modifications
New LED technology enables us to create amber bulbs which flash through red lenses, LED strips to hide away in wing mirrors and much more. By Invisible IVA we mean the car will look just like it did when it rolled off the production line

Why LED?
LED, or Light-Emitting Diodes have a very high intensity output, do not get hot and last up to 100,000 hours (basically the life of your car and then some). They are also highly directional which means they can shine straight through a red light cluster and give an amber light – perfect for IVA testing. With such a long life span they will never need changing except in very rare circumstances

Are they easy to change?
Our engineers at ShipMyCar have developed a method of fitting directional LED’s into adapted bulb holders so changing them is just like changing a normal car bulb, i.e. very very easily!