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Pickup Trucks to be IVA

VOSA change testing requirements are changing for pickup trucks to bring them into line with IVA requirements on usual cars. This affects all pickup truck imports into the UK

Chevrolet Camaro Import Guide

Rewiring a Camaro for IVA purposes can be extremely tricky and can even damage your vehicle’s ECU which is very expensive to repair. It is vital that any wiring is carried out by trained IVA engineers such as ours at ShipMyCar and that any new lighting does not create any additional load on the existing […]

Ford Edge UK Import Guide

The Ford Edge will require full IVA modifications in order to comply with UK IVA testing requirements, this will include: Side Repeator indicators added to fenders – this must be wired very carefully using appropriate relays with diode protection to ensure no additional load is placed on the vehicles ECU Indicators changed to amber and […]