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Chevrolet Camaro Import Guide

Rewiring a Camaro for IVA purposes can be extremely tricky and can even damage your vehicle’s ECU which is very expensive to repair. It is vital that any wiring is carried out by trained IVA engineers such as ours at ShipMyCar and that any new lighting does not create any additional load on the existing circuit.

Modifications Required for IVA test:

    • Side Repeator indicators added to fenders or wing mirrors – these must be wired in properly using appropriate backward current protection, sealing and heat dispersal. We use LED side lights placed within the wing mirrors to avoid the need to drill into bodywork – see the image of the white Camaro below to see one that was drilled into fender as per customer requirement
      Chevy Camaro IVA modification
      Side Repeaters added inside of wing mirror for IVA test
      LED lights in the wing mirrors
      LED lights in the wing mirrors


      Camaro IVA side repeator
      On this Camaro for IVA we added the side repeater to fender as per customer request


    • Indicators at rear separated out from brake light and new high intensity LED added for amber flashing:

We keep the original clusters and use LED's to shine through amber in colour

    • Rear Fog Light – ensure light unit is appropriately e-marked, switch added to interior dash which must illuminate and display rear fog light symbol. Fog light must only operate within IVA guidelines

      Camaro IVA test rear fog light unit
      Camaro IVA test rear fog light unit
    • Side lights added to headlights – these must be correctly sealed and wired to create zero additional load on the vehicle’s electrical system

All the above are included within our full import package which you can obtain an instant quotation on our Car Shipping Website here