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Ford Edge UK Import Guide

The Ford Edge will require full IVA modifications in order to comply with UK IVA testing requirements, this will include:

  • Side Repeator indicators added to fenders – this must be wired very carefully using appropriate relays with diode protection to ensure no additional load is placed on the vehicles ECU

    Ford Edge import to UK IVA guide
    Side Repeators installed for IVA on Ford Edge
  • Indicators changed to amber and red brake light seperated from indicator – needless to say this amount of re-wiring requires expert IVA engineers such as our very own at ShipMyCar
  • Rear Fog light – added with switch on dashboard that complies with the order of fog light activation specified by VOSA for IVA requirements. The light must also have correct E-Markings
  • Reversing light added to rear where lights have been moved to accommodate new indicators
    Rear Fog light added to Ford Edge for UK IVA test
    Rear Fog light added to Ford Edge for UK IVA test
  • Side lights added to headlights – these must be addeded into headlight units and sealed correctly to avoid condensation