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Shipping a car from the USA to the UK? We offer an instant quote for your import

ShipMyCar is well known for their superb car shipping instant quote system.

We have spent many years building up a comprehensive database of American cars, the shipping requirements for each, the IVA modifications needed when the vehicle arrives in the UK, whether new OEM lights are needed for particular vehicles for IVA test, common MOT failures for certain imported vehicles and more….

The quote system provides users with:

  • US Transport costing – we collect the car from any address in the USA and transport, fully insured, to the nearest port
  • US Handling charges – port storage, container loading and customs documentation
  • Port-to-port shipping – from USA we ship via consolidated container – get an instant, accurate costing for any make/model
  • Marine Insurance – prices instantly given for fully comprehensive marine insurance cover
  • UK unloading and customs – estimates provided of your import duty and VAT, instant quote takes into account the age of the car, manufacturing origin of car, and your personal circumstances i.e. do you have to pay any import tax? Get an instant answer…
  • UK Transport – transport costs from the port to our workshop on a car transporter, again fully insured
  • IVA Modifications and test – instant price for any make/model of US car and up to date pricing of IVA test fee – ShipMyCar quote system accurate for any make/model of US car and price includes taking the car to the test for you and a full tank of fuel
  • MOT Test – instant quote will determine if this is required for your particular vehicle and price accordingly
  • DVLA Registration and road tax – get an instant and up to date cost for any make / model of car with the quote system selecting the correct road fund license for your vehicle
  • Numberplates and full valet – quote even includes fixing number plates to your vehicle and a complimentary valet
  • All of this is sent instantly to you and displayed on the screen, your email will include a PDF copy of the quote for printer friendly viewing and for certain makes/model a complimentary import guide is also emailed.

    Car Shipping Quote
    Car Shipping Quote

    We are always developing our quote system however, 2011 sees some bigger improvements than usual including – automatic, instant quotes from many more countries to the UK including enhanced IVA testing requirements, Thatcham alarm fitting and more plus development of our new instant export quote system.

    If you are looking at importing a car from the USA to the UK please try our unique instant car shipping quote system anytime at ShipMyCar Instant Quotes

    Our quote system is developed in house by our developers at LookPRO