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Our Mustang on Top Gear

A couple of years back we let BBC Top Gear borrow one of our Roush Stage 3 Mustangs – The Stig gave it a good thrashing round the track and Clarkson even said it was a “properly good car” – quite the compliment for an American car!

Watch the video here:

Here is a sneaky shot we got of the Stig with the car after the track drive:

BBC Top Gear The Stig with Mustang
BBC Top Gear The Stig with our Stage 3 Roush Mustang

Unfortunately on the show they stated the Roush was £10k more than the Shelby when in fact they are actually cheaper than the Shelby, but nevertheless, a great day out!

The Roush was fine to drive back to our ShipMyCar offices afterwards – brakes were a bit on the spongy side but generally all was OK considering the thrashing it was given