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2012 BOSS 302S Mustang Racer

Ford has been unusually un-forthcoming about the new 2102 BOSS302S track version of the BOSS 302. It has taken leaks and constant speculation to get them to come out with it. And even now, they are barely lifting the cover.

But this week they have shown some photos and specifications of the upcoming club racer version of the new 2012 BOSS 302 Mustang. Much akin to the Mustang Challenge FR-500S race cars, the BOSS 302R is a non-street legal bare bones racer that is one step below the Grand-Am spec BOSS 302R.

Like the FR-500 series cars, the BOSS 302S will be available “over the counter” from your local Ford Racing Dealer. The BOSS 302 440hp 5.0 liter V8 engine is showroom stock, but downstream of that are some better 3.73 gears and an upgraded Torsen limited slip differential.

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Racing
2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Racing

The car will be built at the Flat Rock assembly plant along side the other BOSS 302s but will have a lighter body structure lacking sealers, glues, and sound deadening. Additional tweaks are made to allow the installation of FIA racing equipment as well.

A full list of specifications and features is below for the build MSRP is $79,000, which is pretty good for a car that you can take right out and race in the World Challenge GTS and NASA American Iron Series with few mods and additions.Both Mustangs will be produced at Ford’s Mustang factory in Michigan. More details shortly.