-14°C in Milton Keynes

Having just checked the weather forecast for this week we were shocked to see the forecast stating -14°C this Thursday – that is seriously cold!

Snow and Ice Milton Keynes
Snow and Ice Milton Keynes

When the ice & snow comes down it can cause havoc with collecting vehicles from the port as many of the major ports shut their doors in adverse weather conditions

Luckily all of our customers cars are safely stored in our warehouses out of the way of the weather. We are also working hard this week to collect as many cars as possible prior to the change in conditions…

Milton Keynes often seems to have it’s own weather to the rest of the country, we luckily missed the worst of the recent snow fall, fingers crossed the next snowfall waits until the offices are closed and Christmas holidays have begun!

Director, Nick Roach's Roush in last years snowfall