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What is Transshipment?

If you are shipping a car or have shipped a car in the last few months you may have had heard that your vessel has been transshipped.

This usually means you are provided with a new, slightly later arrival time for your car to arrive in the UK.

This car shipment has been transhipped in Tangier due to congestion in the UK

So why is that and what is the reason?

Transshipment is when a container is taken from one vessel, and placed onto another.

This can occur when a direct route does not exist or a split route is cheaper / anables a car to ultimately arrive at destination quicker if there are no booking on direct routes.

However, in 2021 the UK has suffered from the fallout from Brexit and Covid combined, and so many vessels are simply unable to offload in the UK as there is no capacity for the larger ships.

They therefore take the containers elsewhere first and then head to the UK on smaller, feeder vessels.

Often the containers are unloaded in ports such as Antwerp or Rotterdam and then sent on to the UK as soon as possible.

As we load cars into containers using R-Rak technology, the vehicles are perfectly safe despite additional movements.

Our container tracking (so long as the shipping line feed accomodates) also will update with new routing and transshipment details for your car shipment to the UK.