Brabus iBusiness 2.0 | 800bhp

Brabus does some crazy things to already fast Mercedes and usually concentrate on performance and exterior styling, however for their latest incarnation the Brabus “iBusiness 2.0” they have spent a lot of time fine tuning the interior of the executive S-Class Mercedes.

, Brabus iBusiness 2.0 | 800bhp
Brabus iBusiness 2.0

It all begins in the boot, with a Mac Mini mounted in a leather-lined tray inside the trunk. The Mac connects up with a 15.2-inch TFT, 16:9 aspect ratio display that mechanically unfolds from the alcantara-coated headliner and can also be used as an auxiliary display for the – not one, but two – iPad 2s mounted in the electronically deployed and adjustable custom tables mounted behind the two front seats. The tables secure both the tablets and a Apple Bluetooth keyboard which can utilise Apple Facetime for live video conferencing on the move

, Brabus iBusiness 2.0 | 800bhp
Brabus iBusiness - Apple powered

Brabus has fitted the S with a WiFi network comprised of UMTS and HDSPA networking to wireless wire everything together. More impressive, the German tuner developed a custom app for the iPads that allows backseat passengers to control every aspect of Mercedes’ COMAND infotainment system

A 64Gb Apple iPod Touch is mounted in the rear center console and sends music to either the standard S-Class sound system or a pair of Sennheiser Noise Gard headphones, which can also be used to plumb in one of a few hundred channels provided by the wireless DVBT television receiver.

As for road performance the Brabus puts out 800 horsepower and 1,047 pound-feet of torque pulled from the twin-turbocharged V12, meaning the Mercedes can acheive 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds and on to an electronically-limited top speed of 219 mph.

, Brabus iBusiness 2.0 | 800bhp
Brabus iBusiness 2.0 800bhp

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