Import and Export Car Details

Importing a 2005-2009 Mustang to the UK

Importing a Mustang to the UK yourself can be a very time consuming and stressful process that
could ultimately damage your vehicle through incorrect wiring.

We offer a complete package from collection in the USA through to testing and registration here in
the UK. This short guide explains the entire procedure.

US Transportation
We will collect your vehicle from the US address on a specialised vehicle transporter and take it over
to the nearest port for you
US Customs
We carry out all the associated paperwork, inspection and vehicle history checks required by US
US Loading
Your vehicle is safely stored in our warehouse prior to loading into a container, strapping and
chocking and then loading of the container onto a vessel
Marine Insurance
Included in your quote is full marine insurance which covers your vehicle up to the full market value
UK Customs and Unloading
We unload your vehicle from the vessel and store in our customs bonded warehouse until we can
collect on your behalf – your vehicle is then moved in house using our specialist car transporter.
IVA Testing
As the Mustang you are looking at is under 10 years old, it will require what is called an IVA test. This
is basically a very thorough test which checks everything on the Mustang complies with UK road
laws, items on the Mustang which require changing are:

  • Rear brake lights separated out from indicators
  • Indicators changed from red to amber flashing signal
  • Addition of front side lights
  • Disable US running lights correctly using appropriate resistance
  • HID Headlight units replaced with Halogen for testing requirements
  • Addition of rear fog light and interior switch clearly displaying rear fog light symbol

If you have spent time researching the IVA modifications you will understand just how difficult and
dangerous the wiring can be. Modern cars work on a Canbus system which basically means when
you flick a switch, a signal is first sent to a computer (ECU) which determines what you want it to do,
and takes the appropriate action. Adding extra lights and incorrect resistances can put extra strain
on the ECU and ultimately lead to complete failure.

Our 2005-2009 modifications include EU light clusters to avoid the horrible addition of rear fog light
and reversing light on the bottom of the rear bumper

Our side repeaters are nice looking smoked units and the front side lights are LED to reduce the need
to ever change them and are fully insulated to avoid the light units clouding up

MOT Testing
If your vehicle is over three years old it will also require an MOT test – this ensures the
roadworthiness of the vehicle, e.g. does it have worn tyres / worn suspension parts?
DVLA Registration
We complete your paperwork and take it straight to the DVLA to provide you with a UK logbook and
registration number, we then print up your plates and fix them to you new Mustang