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Exporting from South Africa

Exporting a car from South Africa requires a number of steps to be completed in order to first obtain permission to export and ship the car.

These permits are obtained by an organisation called ITAC (hence why they are known as ITAC permits)

If you are shipping a car with us, our local agent there will assist obtaining everything for you.

These are the steps needed prior to exporting the car:

Request Police Clearance

Current owner will need to go to the local traffic department in order to provide a stamped police clearance request document.

Documents required for this are the original registration documents and some proof of ID. Step one of shipping the car complete!

Micro Dotting

Many new cars already have this completed, otherwise you will need the vehicle micro dotted at a roadwothiness centre

Police Clearance Obtained

With the obove complete, permission to export can now be obtained from the Police Clearance Centre

For this you will need all the details of the vehicle, bill of sale if recently sold, and passport copies

ITAC Permit

ITAC will then issue permit to export the car for shipping.

For an instant quote for exporting a car from South Africa and shipping to the UK, please visit and use our instant quote system