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Skyline GTR vs. Ford GT

The immense torque of a 5.4l V8 Supercharged Ford GT is shown in this video when it is pitted against a 2012 Nissan Skyline GTR.

The Ford GT has had some performance work carried out by Heffner Performance in terms of a pulley change and remap but the level of defeat the Skyline suffers from rolling starts shows just how powerful the Ford GT is.

Shipping a Ford GT to the UK

ShipMyCar provide a full import package for your Ford GT to the UK, we have dealt with many of these vehicles and so are aware of all the modifications needed to get through the IVA test including switch over of headlight units, addition of rear fog light switch to match existing switches, splitting of brake lights & indicators and side repeater indicator requirements

Ford GT vs Skyline GTR
Ford GT vs Skyline GTR

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