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Dodge Viper UK

The Dodge Viper or SRT-10 is a frightening machine – any two seater car with an 8.4L V10 pushing 600bhp and huge amounts of torque is not going to be a particularly easy car to drive, but you can be sure it will be a fun car to drive!

dodge viper uk import

The engine is the same used in the huge SRT-10 Dodge Ram truck and in the Viper it does feel a bit truck like, the revs rise slowly but with each rise in rpm bringing a huge rise in mph and noise levels

Importing a Dodge Viper SRT-10 to the UK

We have imported a number of these into the UK and got them through IVA testing requirements – modifying the cars electrical systems yourself is not advised and only an experienced IVA engineer with suitable component parts (such as ShipMyCar’s Lighting Control Module) should take on the challenge.

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