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What is RORO

RORO shipping is the acronym for ‘roll on roll off’ and is the (sometimes) cheaper choice to move your car internationally

In some cases you will only be able to ship RORO for example is the vehicle you are shipping is too big to physically fit in a container.

We at ShipMyCar do not ship by RORO unless shipping bigger vehicles. Our preferred method is shared or consolidated container shipment and preferably if your budget allows, single use container shipment where just your car is in the container. We ship so many vehicles our container prices are similar and often even cheaper than RORO

RORO is very similar to a car ferry, thousands of cars are lined up at the docks, usually with the keys left in the ignition for a number of days prior to departure.

Dock workers will then drive your vehicle onto the ship and strap it down ready for sailing.

Unloading fees in the destination port are often cheaper than container as you do not need container handling services

For more information and an instant quote for international vehicle shipping please visit us at ShipMyCar