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iPad Car Headrest Mounts

Fancy a cheap Christmas present to keep the kids quiet?

Compatible with all iPad cases and quickly installed and removed without tools, the ViewSticks headrest mounting system is now shipping. Created with today’s mobile media consumer and family in mind, ViewSticks turn the backseat of your car into a media center or productivity lounge. Position and use your iPad to keep the kids entertained and make your Holiday driving easier.

Just in time for the Holidays, ViewSticks make great stocking stuffers. “This product was designed with the iPad user in mind” says Douglas Collins, founder of ViewSticks. “It attaches to the headrest and will hold and support the iPad to transform it into a Rear Seat Entertainment system.”

ViewSticks are compatible with cases and will install on any automotive headrest that has post style attachments. It will also hold and support the iPod touch, iPhone, all tablet computers and Smartphones as well as most DVD players. Installed or removed in under 30 seconds without tools, ViewSticks can quickly be switched from seat to seat or car to car. You can easily use them on vacation in your rental car.

“Parents will love it,” Collins said, “the kids can comfortably view their iPod touch, their DVD players or the iPad while sitting back and relaxing. It definitely helps make the driving easier.” They are the perfect accessory to expand the utility of electronic media players to your car and keep the kids entertained in the backseat.