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Porsche to collaborate with Bentley?

Porsche and Bentley are related under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, and a new rumor suggests that the two might become kissing cousins. Autocar had a chance to speak with Porsche CEO Matthias Müller, and the head honcho of the German sports car vehicle brand says that a collaboration with Bentley could help push future Panamera variants foward.

Per Müller, “I think we have to discuss with Bentley whether we can put together our performance, our engineers. It should be possible.”

He goes on to state that sticking to just a four-door sports car is boring. The Panamera should be revised into a handful of iterations, and Müller uses terms like “van”, “combi” and “longer.” If you are a Porsche loyalist, we’ll give you a minute to restart your heart.

Source: AutoCar