Happy Thanksgiving – Obama Speech

President Barack Obama has told Americans to ‘look out for one another’ to help the country climb out of its worst economic slump in decades.

Making his weekly radio and internet address, Mr Obama urged people in the U.S. to do everything they could to boost the stagnant economy as it struggled with near 10 per cent unemployment.
Speaking from the White House, he said: ‘This is not the hardest Thanksgiving America has ever faced.

‘But as long as many members of our American family are hurting, we’ve got to to look out for one another.
‘And as long as many of our friends and neighbours are looking for work, we’ve got to do everything we can to accelerate this recovery and keep our economy moving forward.’

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. unemployment stands at 9.6 per cent – or around 14.8million people nationwide.
More than 150,000 people lost their jobs last month alone.

But Mr Obama stressed in his address released on Thanksgiving Day that the country was improving.

He said: ‘We can be a vibrant nation that makes sure its children are the best-educated in the world.

‘A healthy, growing economy that runs on clean energy and creates the jobs of tomorrow. A responsible government that reduces its deficits.

‘We can do all this, because we’ve done it before.’

In the weekly Republican message, Georgia Rep-elect Austin Scott said his party would focus on creating jobs and slashing spending.
‘As much as we have to be thankful for, too many Georgians and too many Americans have been out of work for far too long.
‘Our new Republican majority is ready to focus on creating jobs and putting a stop to the runaway spending in Washington D.C.’
After the heavy defeats for the Democrats in the mid-term elections earlier this month, Mr Obama stressed the need for cooperation in the U.S.
‘We’ve got to do it as one people. And in the coming weeks and months, I hope that we can work together, Democrats and Republicans and independents alike, to make progress on these and other issues

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