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2012 AC Cobra

2012 marks half a century since the very first Cobra was released on the street, and to celebrate, Shelby has announced a limited-edition 50th Anniversary model that was introduced at Barrett-Jackson earlier today. Using CSX8000 chassis numbers, each of the continuation cars will be painted in “Shelby Black” and feature a premium leather interior, wire wheels and special badging.

Shelby 50th Anniversary Cobra
Shelby 50th Anniversary Cobra

Pricing for a 50th Anniversary Cobra rolling chassis (car minus drivetrain) is set at $69,995 or $134,995 for an aluminum-bodied car. Expensive, yes, but with just 50 units slated for production, we can see them getting snapped up pretty quickly.

Shelby 50th Anniversary Cobra
Let us ship your Cobra to the UK

We have brought a number of Cobra’s into the UK and you must be aware of the amount of work needed to get one through an IVA test – any Cobra with a US registration over ten years old will require IVA testing once shipped to the UK and it is not an easy test to get through! A few items which need altering to comply with IVA requirements:

  • Wooden steering wheel must be changed
  • Sharp edges removed – any edge that has a small radius must be either covered or smoothed – on many Cobras that will include window trims, internal switches, fuel cap, many chrome parts
  • Noise and emissions – exhaust must meet IVA requirements which will mean at least the addition of catalytic convertors
  • Seats – must switch over seats for race seats with headrests
  • Fuel cap must be lockable or not be able to be removed from key when off of car
  • Lights – will need to be amber indicators, side lights, side repeater indicators, headlights pointing in correct direction and brake lights separate to indicators
  • Rear fog light
  • Windscreen heater
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Door locks changed to include two stage closing with proper latch
  • and more….
  • If you are thinking of bringing a kit car back to the UK which is less than ten years old we recommend you contact ShipMyCar not only for your car shipping requirements but also to obtain more information on our IVA modification packages – why have the stress of all of the above when we can get it all done for you!?