Import and Export Car Details

2005 – 2009 Ford Mustang

The S197 Mustang was one that we grew our reputation of providing industry leading IVA conversion from.

S197 Mustang UK Import IVA MOT

With them now being over ten years of age, they no longer need an IVA test, but still require the same modifications for MOT testing

Due to the sensitive nature of the Mustang’s electronics (you have probably heard of Mustang SJB disasters..) we wanted to develop a safe way to control the new circuits involved in splitting the brake feed from the indicators.

Our conversion includes:

  • Split indicators from brake using our in-house developed Light Control Module
  • Add clear sidelights to the headlights
  • Add rear fog light to the existing lens clusters
  • Add side repeaters to the wings

Our light control module comes on a quick release wiring harness. Should there ever be any issues that we can not diagnose remotely through the LED indicators, you can simply remove the box and send it back to us for replacement / repair.

We can either use the existing rear light clusters with red lenses and high intensity LED to shine amber through the lens, or we can replace for EU clear lens variants.