Frequently Asked Questions

How to import into UK?

There are many stages in importing a vehicle into the UK, which vary depending on the age, value and manufacturing origin of the vehicle in question. Our full import service includes:


Collection of your vehicle from country of export and delivery to nearest port (currently US only), transportation of vehicle to UK by sea or air, both sea and air transport is fully insured, air freight is more expensive but your vehicle can be in the UK within 48 hours, containerised shipping ensures your car is secure and not open to the elements. Foreign port loading fees and all administration fees are included

UK Container shipment of vehicle
Vehicle shipment in container

UK Services

Unloading of vehicle in the UK from ship, transportation of container to customs bonded warehouse, full inspection and administration carried out

UK Customs

Handling of all HM Customs and Excise administration and payments, fastest customs clearance possible. We ensure European cars do not pay just £50 duty and zero import duty for classic vehicles – for an estimate of import duty and VAT please use our instant quote system.


It is illegal to drive an un-registered vehicle on UK roads, we therefore collect your newly imported vehicle on our specialist transporters. We complete all collection paperwork and condition reports in compliance with UK insurance regulations

In house transport of your imported vehicle
Vehicles shipped to UK carried in house on our transporter

IVA Modifications and Test

The IVA test is an extremely thorough and complex test for all makes/models of vehicles and we do not recommend carrying out modifications / testing unless you are an experienced IVA engineer.

IVA modifications for IVA test by VOSA
VOSA requirements for imported vehicles going through IVA test

All IVA forms filled in and dealt with promptly. All IVA modifications are carried out to the highest of standards to ensure that there is no damage to your vehicle – poor IVA modifications can cause severe vehicle damage, especially with the electronics.

Our invisible IVA lighting modifications
Keep you car looking standard with invisible IVA mods
Thanks to advances in LED technology we can now offer ‘Invisible IVA’ modifications on most vehicles requiring IVA testing.

Our IVA engineers are specially trained and have years of experience in all makes and models of imported vehicles

IVA modifications carried out to your specification, for example we can fit euro-style rear light clusters to maintain the original look of the vehicle

EU light conversion on Chrysler
EU lights installed on Crossfire for IVA test

Vehicle prepared fully for IVA test, your vehicle is then taken to IVA centre and certificate received

If your vehicle is older than three years old an MOT test is also carried out

UK DVLA Registration

All administration included – registration number assigned, plates printed and fixed to vehicle – 12 months road tax included. Personalised number plates available on request

DVLA registration
All DVLA registration included in our car import package

Full valet, storage and delivery

Your vehicle is then taken to our premises to receive a complimentary full valet and to carry out any additional services that you may require. You then have the choice of fully insured storage at our premises or a delivery service to you.

Alarm and Tracker Installations

In order to help your insurance premium and to provide you with extra piece of mind we provide in-house installation of vehicle trackers and Thatcham approved alarms.