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UK Mustang Import Specialist

Over the years we have shipped many Ford Mustangs to the UK, from 1965 classics to the latest model

We are experts in the collection, shipping, import, taxing, testing and registration of your new Mustang into the UK.

Things to take into account:

1965-1966 Ford Mustang

If pre-1966, we will not need to change any of the rear lights, they are fine to indicate red in colour and work with the brake lights

After 1966 we need to carry out our UK conversion, usually we do this by using dual colour LED in your reverse lights – we split the brake and indicator feeds and then have your reverse lights operate as amber indicators and reverse lights


We can fit either UK / USA units, we have developed a light control module to safely split the brake and indicator feeds without affecting the smart junction box (SJB)


Here we take apart the rear lenses and remove all red board mounted LED’s to replace them with amber. We use a new light control module to safely carry out modifications for IVA

For those requiring side repeater indicators we can safely drill tiny LED’s into the wing mirrors

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