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Supersnake vs. Cobra

ShipMyCar has shipped a number of Cobras and Shelby Supersnake, have you ever wondered which is the fastest Shelby though? Hot Rod decided to find out by taking each car round the track….

Shelby Supersnake vs Cobra
Shelby Supersnake vs Cobra

550bhp in a Cobra is insanely quick and fairly frightening with top down, loud driving, but can you live with one day-to-day like the Shelby Supersnake? That is pretty much the conclusion to the below video – the Cobra is quicker round the track but the Supersnake is such an easy to live with vehicle…

Shipping a Cobra to the UK can be a challenge getting them through the IVA test – as most are replicas built and titled less than ten years ago they will require IVA modifications and testing – we know all the modifications needed and can carry out all these changes and testing for you which include (but certainly not limited to): new steering wheel, seats with head rests, 3-point seat belts, new dashboard switches, radius edges of all chrome parts, catalytic convertor, etc etc

The Shelby Supersnake is very straightforward to get through the IVA test, we carry out our usual IVA modifications using our ShipMyCar Lighting Control Unit and Invisible IVA Package

Shipping to UK

Before you organise the shipping of your Shelby to the UK, please contact us first to talk through the process