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Shipping your car from South Africa

We have been very busy recently shipping cars from South Africa to the UK, so much so that we can now offer significantly reduced car shipping rates from the ports of Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

Shipping a car from South Africa with ShipMyCar is a very straightforward process, out local agents in South Africa can assist getting the vehicle ready for export and then we ensure the car is shipped fully insured and containerised here to the UK.

Once you vehicle lands in the UK we can then also provide all the necessary IVA / MOT / DVLA processes as part of an all inclusive car import package meaning you can literally drive the vehicle away from our workshops once registered

Our instant quote system allows you to instantly price up everything including testing, import VAT / duty and more, plus it works for all makes & models of vehicles

One of the most popular cars to ship from South Africa are 1970’s Ford Escorts, which come under the BTI tariff so just 5% import VAT – so if you are looking at importing a classic car to the UK or any other car from South Africa please be sure to try our unique quote system here: car shipping quote or by calling us on 01908 887917