Shipping a Car to UK from USA

We are industry leaders in importing American cars into the UK, we are experts in the required modifications, testing and registration process for any US-spec vehicle.

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To get a car out of the USA you will need an original title / registration document. Without this it can take a lot longer to get the car exported. If you are just buying the vehicle now you do not need to transfer the title into your name, the bill of sale will prove transfer of ownership from the seller to yourself.

car shipping from usa to uk

If you have already owned the vehicle in the USA the title will need to be in your name and clear from any loan / lien. If there is still finance on the vehicle it will need to be either paid off or have a letter from the lienholder stating they are OK with the car being exported.

The USA is a very big place which makes transporting a car across states a very difficult task. We only use A* rated hauliers to make sure your vehicle is moved from the US address to the closest port as safely as possible.

Journey times can often be days rather than what we are used to here in the UK of hours!

Our specialist handling teams will securely load your vehicle into either a 20ft dedicated container or a shared 40ft container. We only ship cars in our containers for the safety of the vehicles inside. We do not ship cars by RoRo or roll-on-roll-off.

Your vehicle will be fully insured during the entire process, we take a full condition report on collection and a full condition report on UK arrival. Any damage is covered up to total vehicle loss.

The easiest way to get an estimate of the taxes to expect or to see if you would be exempt from taxes is to use our instant quote system – click the link in the red box at top of the page

All imports from the USA will be subject to import duties and taxes unless you have owned the vehicle at least 6 months and lived in the USA at least 12 months, we handle all customs formalities for you ensuring you pay no more than what you should.

Any vehicle under ten years old will require an IVA test. This is a very difficult test to get through and requires extensive modifications to the vehicle’s lighting systems. Our quote system is accurate for most makes / models of US spec vehicles

If the vehicle is older than three years old then it will need an MOT test as well which checks road-worthiness for example the tyres and suspension components.

Once you have all the necessary testing completed the car can then be registered with the DVLA