Janno Productions

Looking forward to working with Janno Productions in 2013 to create some promotional Car Shipping video.


Whilst online video content is known to improve your web presence and campaigns, the material that will work best for you and your business is produced by experts that really understand the role that you want it to play. With almost 10 years experience in communications management, marketing, public relations and video production, Janno Productions is not only equipped to produce the video you need and want, but understands exactly how that video can work for you.

The online world is constantly changing, and your customer’s expectations of you are changing with it. Where we once only ever anticipated a website to host text and pictures, we now expect video. Bite size portions of multimedia that do the job of selling you, your products, who you are and what you do, instantly. Whatever sector or industry your business is based in, your public relations and marketing strategies deserve to be complimented by online video content that works effectively within them.

All of our clients are afforded professional consultation as part of the video production process. We take the time to understand your business and the role that online video will play in helping it to succeed.

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